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The End of P&G Coupon Inserts – But Wait..

Procter & Gamble’s Monthly P&G brandSAVER coupon inserts that we have all enjoyed for 20 years – is sadly coming to an end. The last P&G newspaper coupon insert will be New Year’s weekend. This news just echoes the changes we have seen in the coupon industry lately with less newspaper and printable coupons and a big shift toward digital coupons.

With the coupon insert gone, can you still save money on our favorite P&G products? The answer is Yes! You can still find digital coupons on your stores loyalty apps and you can print P&G coupons on their new website P&G Good Everyday.

But, it won’t be the same. With the end to clippable coupon inserts it will become much more difficult to buy multiple of the same products with coupons and the ability to score free products – something we saw heavily during the extreme couponing era. I highly suggest making an account for yourself and your spouse with P&G Good Everyday to at least be able to print high value P&G coupons twice.


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