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FREE: Back-to-Homeschool Bundle (The Old Schoolhouse)

Back-to-Homeschool Bundle

Over $240 worth of AMAZING resources, unit studies and summer activities for you and your family for FREE. Includes the entire set of Curiosity Files and WannaBe Series! Hurry! This special lasts through August only! Get it today!

Before you know it summer will be here and gone and we’ll be preparing for the next school year. Take this summer break and enjoy some fun and relaxation (slip in a little learning at the same time) and you won’t hear, “Mom! I’m bored!” ever. Receive all these gifts from The Old Schoolhouse® for FREE!! Claim your FREE Summer WONDER Bundle today! Valued at $240.

**Don’t wait too long to claim your freebie. Once the expiration date is set there’s no going back!**

Curiosity Files by TOS – The Curiosity Files are packed with zany information for the young & old at heart. With the entire set of Curiosity Files, you will have a great time discovering our wacky wonderful world, including topics from rogue waves and solar maxes to zombie fire ants and the platypus!

Beating the Summertime Blues by Kim Kautzer – Sometimes those long, lazy days of summer can become, well, boring . . . What are you going to do when your little ones are underfoot, the temperature is rising, and everyone’s becoming cranky? Don’t give in to the irritability; instead find some fun!

The WannaBe Series by TOS – Wouldn’t you like real-life, Christian mentors and heroes to help your children aspire to all that God desires for them? Want to help them explore the world of opportunity around them? We want to help them do just that. Learn about 11 different professions, from an artist to a video game designer.

Homeschool Conventions by Amelia Harper, Deborah Wuehler, and Kate Kessler – In the pages of this WeE-book™, you’ll find answers to your questions and important insights, guiding your path to that rewarding homeschool convention experience.

Molly Goes Camping by Molly Green – Low-cost vacations aren’t new to Molly, and you’ll appreciate her thrifty enthusiasm and all the investigative fieldwork she’s done to bring you this unique camping resource. Be prepared for your next outdoor excursion.

Nifty, Thrifty Summer Fun by Molly Green – Looking for creative ideas to enhance your summer? How can we make our summer memorable? Are you ready for some frugal fun . . . and catalysts to learning? Molly is learning that frugality isn’t drudgery. It is freedom, and it can be fun, too!

The Real Hummers by Jeannie Fulbright – Perhaps you’ve admired this wonder-bird beauty and his acrobatic antics before . . . but you probably don’t know everything about him! Arouse a sense of awe in your kids when you add this study of the hummingbird to this week’s science lesson!

Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others TOS eBook – Instead of gritting your teeth and deciding you’re just going to survive that next long trip, the author challenges you to demonstrate a little ingenuity, and organization by making a travel kit!

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