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Walmart Deal – 40 lb Gold’s Gym Vinyl Dumbbell Set ( Just $14.99 )


This 40 lb Gold’s Gym Vinyl Dumbbell Set is ( Just $14.99 ) at plus you get FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more! Grab this deal before it’s gone!


Those who appreciate weightlifting will enjoy the Gold’s Gym Vinyl Dumbbell Set. This pair of hand weights comes with two tubular steel bars, collars for securing movable components and cement-filled plates. Simply slide the resistance onto the ends of the bars that will best challenge your fitness level and goals to help improve your strength, confidence and health. This dumbbell weight set, 40 lbs is designed to develop strength and definition in arms, shoulders and backs. It can also be used as part of a total-body workout. Squat while holding, use for butterfly chest compressions, curling, pressing and more.


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